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In our Anglican cycle of prayer, we pray for The Diocese of Aguata - The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

In our Diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for  St. Anna's in Antioch

In our parish cycle of prayer, we pray for Cynthia; Ann & George; and Helga.

We pray for those in military service: Aaron, Abigail, Amber, Christopher, Daniela, Drake, Joey, Taylor, and Valerie.

Healing Prayers 

In our congregation, for those needing our prayers for healing, we pray for Allison, Alivia, Bill, Carol, Dave, Erin, Gloria, Janice, Karen, Ken, Kevin, Lee, Michael, Patrick, Phil, Rachel, Sharon, Stephen, the Miller family, the Maher/Rettinger family, the Jaffray family, and the Hendricks family. 

For those who have died:  Jean Miller, Mary Maher, Alan Jaffray, and Charles Hendricks.

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