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The Chrismon Tree

A history provided by a St. Bart's parishioner


Why do we have a Chrismon tree, and what does it symbolize, and why here at St. Bart’s? A former senior warden here about 45 years ago read about its history and decided we needed one here at St. Bart’s.  


Originally, it was created by a woman at a Lutheran church in Danville, VA in 1957.  She thought a secular tree had no place in the church sanctuary and thought a Christmas tree should have religious symbols on it.  "Chrismon" is an amalgam of Christ and monogram.  Traditionally, the symbols are made by hand and never commercially reproduced or bought.  Originally the colors were gold and white, but they evolved into more colorful ones.  After researching the counted cross-stitch patterns, a group of St. Bart’s parishioners got together to create the ornaments.  The tree is traditionally displayed through Advent and the Christmas season, and the story of Christmas is told in the symbols.  The circle and triangle, for example, represent the eternity of the Trinity.  So, please take a minute to enjoy the tree and the symbols as you go by!

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross that grace the interior of St. Bartholomew's are the work of Livermore sculptor Donald Homan.  Accompanying the service prayers are meditations that served as inspiration for Mr. Homan as he went about carving each station; they account for the unique depth of spiritual and artistic commitment that makes this set of stations so valued by the parishioners of St. Bartholomew's.  

The stations were carved and placed in the Nave during 1986 and 1987 as Mr. Homan's gift to the congregation.

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St. Bartholomew's Rectors through the years

Rev. Richard Johns   (1953 - 1956)

Rev. Richard Ford   (1957 - 1960)

Rev. Donald Sower  (1961 – 1966)

Rev. Chester Howe  (1966 – 1972)

Rev. Kenneth Richards  (1973-1981)

Rev. Thomas Leonard  (1982-1996)

Rev. Carol Cook  (1997 -2010)

Rev. Joyce Parry-Moore  (2012 – 2015)

Rev. Andrew Lobban  (2016 – present)

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