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The Store


TheStoreTM at St. Bartholomew's is a forum where people who want to support the life of the church can donate, and purchase a variety of items.  Any and all proceeds from sales are used directly to pay for vital infrastructure projects at St. Bartholomew's.

How It Works :

To donate an item or service, send a picture in jpeg format, with a description to


To buy an item or service, click on the Item Number, to send a message to, or Text 925 579 4871. Items are sold on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. All sales are final.


To pick up your item or arrange for service, please visit the church office on a Saturday or Sunday.

Thank you for your purchases at the TheStore

Donation dollars for year 2022 :   $1090 !

Donation dollars through June 2023 :   $1055 !

Italian Pottery Dish 

Serving platter for appetizers. 


Wine glasses

Set of  seven vintage cut-crystal champagne coupes. 
The coupes are 6 3/4” tall. 
Good condition. 



Community Brand Flatware Silverplated              $75  or Best Offer

Steak knives    8 pieces
Butter knife    1 piece
Sugar spoon    1 piece
Serving spoons    3
Spatula        1
Salad Fork        1
Dinner forks        10
Salad forks        9
Table Spoons        15
Tea Spoons        11



Silk saree NEW!

Feel the luxury of pure silk.

Emerald green.                                                     NEW!



Blue Ceramic chip 'n dip set

Good condition.




Backpack Loops

Fun and unique accessory for your favorite tote.

Bands in attractive colors, woven by hand, from paracord.

Set of 40

$3 each or best offer



Seascape Canvas

Painted in oils. Author Unknown




A Glass or Two

Shot glasses made in Germany. In original box.

$10 for set



Cryptex Da Vinci Code

Cryptex replica as used in Dan Brown’s book DaVinci Code

Contains cryptex, unopened instructions, and sword replica

$12.50.                                                                    #631


Tablecloth & matched napkins

Blue and white hand embroidered tablecloth with four matching napkins

Size  30”x30”   

$10                                                                            #630


Embroidered Tablecloth

Vintage machine embroidered linen tablecloth

Size 32”x 32"                     Excellent condition

$12.50                                                                     #629


Hand-embroidered Tablecloth

Vintage hand embroidered tablecloth with daisies

Excellent condition

$12.50                                                                       #628


Christmas Themed Tablecloth

48” vintage square Christmas table cloth with rick rack trim.

Good condition.

$5                                                                   #627


Decorative Picture Frame

Size 8”x10”                   New!


$10                                                                         #626


Linen / Cloth Napkins

Four large pink

Six fringed red and white

Four fringed taupe

$15 for all             $5 each                                         #625


Porcelain Vases

Cobalt porcelain hand painted vases. Made in Germany.

Small size is 3 x4.5”

Large size is 9.5”

Whole set  =   $50

Small vases = $10/ea

Large vase= $25



Vintage Ashtrays

From San Francisco's iconic restaurants

The Blue Fox (3 ashtrays)

Ernie's (1 ashtray)

Sun Hung Heung in Chinatown (1 ashtray)                                      $40 for all five            $10  each                                #622


Fondue Anyone?

Copper fondue dish and large copper platter


Missing fondue forks

Harvey's tropical ceramic mugs.jpg

Vintage Drink Mugs

Tropical drink mugs from Harvey’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe

 $40 for all four mugs                      $25  for a pair                                                                                                           #606

Good condition

Vintage Ivory or bone necklaces and small pins.jpg

Vintage Necklaces

Mid-century ivory or bone necklaces and small pins

  $20                                                                          #607

Vintage necklaces.jpg

More Vintage Necklaces

On the left - Mother of pearl


Middle - Dark amber                                        SOLD !


On the right - Agate

$10                                                                 #608

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