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Coronavirus Update

Communal worship services have been suspended to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Services will be streamed online every Sunday at 10 am. Father Andy and Deacon Jennifer are also available for pastoral visits.


Rev. Andy holds a children's chapel service at 9:30 AM every other Sunday morning. Email Father Andy for the zoom link.

Check out the children's education page for YouTube videos of Godly Play stories as well.  

Pentecost Service

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxLBseyx-9Y

Read Sermon: Link

Order of service: Link

See our videos while we shelter in place. 

As an Episcopal Church, St. Bartholomew's has inherited a rich tradition of worship and music, and we practice a faith deeply rooted in Scripture, tradition, and reason. 


We seek to be welcoming and inclusive, desiring that people from all walks of life connect more deeply with God and their neighbors through our beloved church community. 


We hope that as you explore these pages you will encounter a church that welcomes you with open arms, a place where you can experience the love of God through the beauty of worship, the warmth of human fellowship, and the wonder of serving our neighbors both near and far.

This week we pray for the following:

In our Anglican cycle of prayer, we pray for The Anglican Church of Melanesia.

In our Diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for Holy Trinity/La Santisima Trinidad Church in Richmond.

In our local faith community, we pray for Christian World Church in Livermore. 

In our parish cycle of prayer, we pray for the Room to Grow Preschool staff, Our Food Pantry Volunteers, Hilda and her cleaning crew, Jamil in the Garden and Greg, our lawn care guy.

Those in military service, we pray for Aaron B., Joey E., Abigail M., Valerie M., Amber R., Christopher W., and Taylor W.

For first responders during the COVID epidemic—for all nurses, doctors, police, and fire, especially Brad 0., and Brad S. 

In our congregation, those needing our prayers for healing, we pray for 

Abe, Alice, Alivia. Amer, Ana Marie, 

Ashleigh, Audrey, Becky, Betty, Darien  Diana, Donna, Dorothy, Elda, Esteban, Glennis, Janice, Jason, Jerry, Jessica, John, Justin, Kay, Marge, Marie, Marilyn, Marina, Mary Ann, Mary Beth, Maureen, Naomi, Nina, Rachel, Robert, Sallie, Sharon, Steve, Tom, the Turnbull Family

Those who have died:  Betty T. 

Food Pantry Open 

Thursday 8-9 AM

Saturday 8-9 AM

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Office Hours: During Shelter in Place our office is closed.  Email and phone messages are checked regulary. 

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