Coffee Hour Host Sign-up

After each service, parishioners and visitors have an opportunity to visit with each other over a cup of coffee. Parishioners are also encouraged to sign up to act as host and provide snacks to share.

The schedule on the right show the parishioners who have signed up to host the coffee hour for a particular Sunday.

We encourage all parishioners to sign up to act as host and provide snacks. Please review the schedule on the right for the 10:00 am (summer schedule) service. if you see an empty slot and wish to sign up for that day, please click the sign-up button and fill out the form. Beginning September 17th, we will revert back to 2 services with 2 schedules being published at that time, one for the 8 o'clock service and one for 10:30 am service.

Alternatively, you may contact the parish office via email or phone and ask to be added to the schedule.