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Guidelines for Authors

St. Bartholomew's Full Circle is where parishioners speak out, each with their own unique voice. The community of St. Bart's looks forward to hearing from you!

Each edition of the Full Circle contains a lead feature article by the Rector. Other regular features may include:

  • Vestry Notes
  • Prayer List
  • Outreach Activities
  • Buzz (for kids & parents)
  • Calendar of Events
  • Interesting Internet Links
  • Parish Contact Information.

Authors are encouraged to follow these guidelines:

  • Font Size: 14p
  • Font Type: Times New Roman
  • Font Color: Black
  • Graphics format: JPEG

As space available for content is always a consideration in both online and printed editions, authors are encouraged to limit contributions to 300 words or less.

While the intention is to publish all articles in their entirety, the editor reserves the right to edit for space reasons. The responsibility for accuracy of the content rests with the author, and not with the editor or the publisher.

The deadline for each month's edition is the 20th of the previous month.

St. Bartholomew's Full Circle

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St. Bart's Full Circle

Full Circle
April 2017

We publish a regular newsletter, the Full Circle to inform our parishioners and friends about events at the church and assist in providing spiritual guidance.

Publication date is on or about the 1st of every month. The Full Circle is posted here and distributed via email to parishioners and friends. To receive the Full Circle via email, please join our mailing list by clicking on the button in the left navigation bar.

Recent newsletters are archived here. Each newsletter will open as a pdf document in a new window. If you need to download Adobe Reader, it is available by clicking on the button in the left navigation bar.