Fundraising Campaigns

Funds for our operating budget and our various programs, both internal and outreach to the community, are provided in large part by the faithful giving of our parish families. To supplement these funds however we engage in a variety of fundraising campaigns throughout the year.

Links are provided on this page to all our fundraising campaigns and events. This is the place to go to download the flyer you need to participate in one of our dining out events, link to one of our ongoing campaigns, or find out details of the next major fundraising event at the church.

Click the buttons on the right to find out more about our fundraising campaigns.

Fundraisers take many forms, they can be events such as concerts, seminars featuring invited speakers, informal social events and large scale productions such as our annual Dickens' Faire. Also popular is our dining out series with local restaurants. There are ongoing campaigns such as eScrip where shoppers can register their credit card and/or loyalty card and have the merchant send donations back to the church.

Then there is our Online Shopping Mall, where you can buy items online from a variety of merchants, with the church receiving a donation from those merchants in return.

In many of these campaigns, you pay no additional charges. When you buy something from our Shopping Mall, use your eScrip registered card to buy groceries, or eat dinner at a designated local restaurant during one of our dining out campaigns, the price you pay is exactly what you would normally pay, the funds are generated by the merchants donating back to the church a percentage of what you are paying.

We invite you to participate in whichever fundraising activities you feel comfortable with and help us raise the funds we need to do God's work in Livermore.