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St. Bart's Tee Shirt

Buy a St. Bart's red T-shirt and show pride in being a member of our parish. Buy 2 and use one as a work shirt for our parish workdays. Take the hassle out of getting ready for church at Pentecost, no more digging through your closet in the hope of finding something suitable in red to wear.

If you have joined the church just recently, or you missed the opportunity to buy a T-shirt when they were first available a couple of years ago, or your shirt has now worn out and you need to replace it. Here's your opportunity to buy a new T-Shirt.

The shirts are available in 3 styles and multiple sizes.

Standard round-neck shirt available in youth (S-M-L) sizes at $10 each
and adult (S-M-L-XL) sizes at $15 each. We can also get adult shirts in 2XL, 3XL, 4XL & 5XL sizes, also at $15 each.

Ladies' V-neck shirt (loose-fitting style) available in S-M-L-XL-2XL sizes at $15 each.

Ladies' V-neck shirt (form-fitting style) available in S-M-L-XL sizes at $15 each.

Please use the order form below to order shirts for your family. You may submit your order online or print out your completed form and give it to Jenny. Payment will be by cash or check; we cannot accept online payment for the shirts. Please make your check out to St. Bartholomew's and indicate Tee-Shirts on the memo line.

Tee Shirt Order Form



T-Shirt style and size — please indicate the number of shirts of each style and size that you wish to order by entering a number in the appropriate box.

Youth round-neck$ 10 ea.
Adult round-neck$ 15 ea.
Large-size adult round-neck$ 15 ea.
Ladies' loose-fitting V-neck$ 15 ea.
Ladies' form-fitting V-neck$ 15 ea.
Total Cost = 0.00


Print a copy for your records.
[If you wish to keep a copy of the form, please print it before you click the Order button.]

Send your order form directly to the church.
You will receive an acknowledgement by email which will include all the details of your order. Please check it carefully to ensure it is correct.

Note: If you wish to submit a printed copy of this form, instead of submitting it online, please sign and date below.




Confidentiality: Saint Bartholomew's Church believes that your privacy is important. Information collected using this form is limited to our own use only and will be used for the sole purpose of ordering St. Bartholomew's Church T-Shirts. This information will not be communicated to, or shared with, any other individual or agency.