Inside the Church Outside View Garden Parish Hall

For more views of the church and our campus, both interior and exterior, click here.

Capital Campaign

Our new Capital Campaign was launched August 29, 2010, with fundraising planned for a 3 year duration. Project objectives are shown on the right, a check mark indicating completion.

Our first project was completed June 10, 2011 with the installation of a new roof on our Church building. This project was paid for in full using cash raised by the Capital Campaign, without the need to resort to any loans. Click to view pictures of the new roof.

The second major project was completed July 3, 2012 with the installation of new lighting and ceiling fans in the Parish Hall. This project included a number of items designed to upgrade lighting and electrics across the campus.

May 1, 2013 saw the installation of new windows in the Parish Hall, Lounge and Bathrooms. New sliding glass doors, giving access to the courtyard, were also installed in the Lounge and Parish Hall. Click for pictures of the new windows. New flooring and bathroom improvements are next on the agenda.

Pledges & Donations

If you wish to make a pledge of support to the campaign, an online form is provided for your convenience. Simply click the button in the left (red) navigation bar.

Donations can also be submitted online using PayPal's secure payment service. Click the Donate button and you will be taken to St. Bart's secure donation site hosted by PayPal. Please make sure that any donation you make to the Capital Campaign is designated "Capital Campaign" by using the "Donation to be used for:" link on the PayPal Donation verification page. Undesignated donations will be applied to the General Operating Fund.