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St. Bartholomew's Children and Youth Ministries

St. Bartholomew's is also home to the Room to Grow Preschool, which is run independently of the church. Please contact the school directly.

Soul Siblings

The continuing story of three high school students, be sure to read the latest episode. If you need to catch up on previous episodes, you can also read the story so far.

Sunday School

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School is back in session! Sunday school Godly Play lessons will begin September 8th at 10:20 am. Students will return to their families during the service, after the peace and announcements.

Godly Play lessons are geared towards children and youth over 5 years of age. We will gather in the Parish Hall at 10:20 am and prepare to enter the classroom. We will be exploring the Saints this year. Please fill out a registration form for Godly Play.


Thank you everyone who sponsored a Saint. Your generosity is making it possible for our Godly Play program to be very successful this Fall. We still have a few saints that could use a sponsor, if you are interested in sponsoring a Saint, please let Abigail Plemmons know.


The Communion of Saints - all ready for the first lesson


Sunday morning child-care

Starting September 8th, we are proud to announce St. Bart’s will have regular childcare provided at each Sunday 10:30 am Service. Children ages 0 to 5 are welcome to meet in the Room to Grow classrooms for fun and supervision while parents attend the service.

Parents are welcome to pick up their child at the Peace for Eucharist, or after the service. Please fill out a registration form to register your child for childcare.

Fig Tree

Youth Group

The Youth group re-starts after the summer break on September 8th. The group meets every Sunday in the room “Under the Fig Tree" from 4pm to 5:30pm for fun activities, service and in-depth discussion. All youth aged 10 and up are welcome to attend.

Thank you to our new youth leader – Steve Chiolis!


To register your child for Sunday School, please use the on-line registration form.

Everyone working directly with children must complete the Safe Church Training class provided by the diocese. The class can be taken completely online; if you have not yet done this, please click the link and complete the class as soon as possible.