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The People of St. Bartholomew's

It takes many willing hands to make all the wheels turn at St. Bartholomew's. In addition to a small paid staff, the many tasks that need attention in a growing church are quietly managed by groups of volunteers. All of them give cheerfully of their time and talent.

Clergy & Staff

Rev. Andy Lobban

Priest in Charge

Rev. Andy Lobban

Fr. Andy is our Priest in Charge, he began worshipping with us on June 19th, 2016. [bio]

Rev. Kathleen Bradford


Rev. Kathleen Bradford

Deacon Kathy joined us June 30th, 2013. Her background in healing ministries and social justice issues are an excellent fit for St. Bart's growing role in the Livermore community.

Thomas Yearsley

Director of Music

Thomas Yearsley

Thomas has been with us since Oct 1, 2013, bringing his deep passion for choral music and the organ to our worship. Thomas is a member of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) and the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) and he encourages all people regardless of musical ability to sing and express themselves by making music.

Abigail Plemmons

Parish Administrator

Abigail Plemmons

Abigail plays a major role at St. Bart's, not only is she our parish administrator, but she is also Treasurer and is responsible for our Sunday School.


  • Liz Wilkins — Senior Warden
  • Mark Plemmons — Junior Warden
  • Dave Rettinger
  • Jessica Powers
  • Jon Hart
  • Sue Vincent
  • Jennifer Hayes
  • Dan Moy
  • Michael Mendenhall
  • Mary Myers — Vestry Clerk
  • Abigail Plemmons — Treasurer

Guilds & Commissions

  • Administration & Finance — Abigail Plemmons
  • Invitation — Jessica Powers
  • Facilities — Dave Rettinger
  • Hospitality/Events — Dan Moy &  Mary Myers
  • Social Justice — Jon Hart
  • Outreach — Jon Hart
  • Pastoral Care — Jennifer Hayes
  • Stewardship & Development — Mark Plemmons
  • Enrichment — Michael Mendenhall
  • Adult — Michael Mendenhall
  • Youth — Mark & Abigail Plemmons
  • Godly Play — Abigail Plemmons, Liz Wilkins &
  • Jennifer Hayes
  • Worship & Arts — Sue Vincent
  • Big Heart Wellness Center liaison — Sue Vincent
  • Altar Guild — Cynthia Bird

Deanery Reps

  • Steven Chiolis
  • Mary Lambert — alternate
  • Christy Ruzicka — alternate

Life at Saint Bartholomew's

We invite you to participate in the many activities at St Bartholomew's. Our circle has grown wider over the years and has yet to reach it's fullness.

The early morning service is normally a traditional Eucharist, whilst the mid-morning worship service has a more contemporary style with parishioners often sharing stories of God's work in their lives. A melodious choir, directed by Music Director and Organist, Thomas Yearsley, is a graceful accompaniment. The songs of worship range from the solemn traditional hymns to more “folksy” hum-along tunes.

Coffee Hour

The warmth of sharing the Peace within the church extends to the fellowship hour between services. The gathering at the parish lounge is often noisy, fun and inviting. Parishioners strive to make each visitor feel welcome with smiles and a hot cup of coffee.

Stop by the parish office and one is quite likely to hear a volunteer respond with compassion to a disheartened voice on the phone. A prayer begins at that moment and ripples through the chain of volunteers. The need is expressed in the Sunday bulletin and the congregation adds a common prayer.

Or, the volunteer may be relaying a request from a parishioner to have Communion at home served by a Lay Eucharist Minister.

On a Saturday, one might see a wheelbarrow with mulch being trundled away by a work-day volunteer. The cheerful band of volunteers spare a day a month to paint, prune or prepare the church for special days.

On other days, one might glimpse the child acolytes in their blue garb rehearsing their role in the processional, setting up the Communion table or listening attentively to Mo. Joyce as she instructs them on proper conduct throughout the liturgy.

Every Monday though, it's laughter and wisdom as members of the book club share food for body and soul. With brown bagged lunches and copies of the chosen book, the group enters onto a lively discussion of the meaning and relevance of selected chapters.

Once a month, a Wednesday night is reserved for the Vestry, as Mo. Joyce and the vestry review the month's accomplishments and evolve future plans through a consensus. Carol Purcell, Senior Warden and Melissa Adkins, Junior Warden, guide the meeting through it's agenda and observance of procedures.

Mattie our Church Cat

The visitor may have a sighting of Mattie, our whimsical green-eyed tangerine tabby cat. She has made the church her home and often puts in an appearance at vestry meetings, fellowship hour or at worship services.

The rhythm of life at St. Bartholomew's flows along gathering strength and momentum from the confluence of members. We invite you to be part of our ever-widening circle of prayer, faith and fellowship.